Comic Con: knock knock
Me: who's there
Comic Con: not you lol
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Ok I’m so bored lately that I decided to do my second tumblr awards, I hope it’s gonna be fun! :)

  • must be following me
  • check out the winners of my first TA
  • reblog this post (likes don’t count)
  • must reach 45 notes (or I will not do this, sorry)
  • ends july 28th
  • one winner for each category
  • Stiles award: best URL
  • Lydia award: best icon
  • Scott award: best posts
  • Isaac award: best theme
  • Allison award: best edits
  • Derek award: best gifs
  • Peter award: best multifandom
  • Malia award: nicest blogger
  • Kira award: best overall
  • Jackson award: my favorite
The Winners Will Receive:
  • follow back (if i’m not following you already)
  • a spot on my blog for the rest of the month
  • a gifset of your choice!!
  • my eternal love & friendship 
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Happy 32nd Birthday Paul Wesley! | July 23, 1982
can u please post vagina and dick pics? thanx! —Anonymous


i don’t have any vagina pictures but heres a dick 

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I had a chunky face.

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Little Paul Wesley (x)


Hanna i don’t give a s**t Marin